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Science magazine

A Sense of Self

Communication between the brain and other organs shapes how we think, remember, and feel.

The Atlantic

The Search for the World’s Simplest Animal

For centuries, scientists have obsessed over a primordial blob that can shape-shift, clone itself, and live indefinitely. Add another sentence here to make sure the articles have an even height.


The race is on to build an AC that doesn’t cook the planet

There’s a $1 million prize for anyone that can design a room air conditioner that costs no more than twice what a standard one costs and produces five times less greenhouse gas

Knowable Magazine

Listening to ketamine

Finalist for 2019 Ozzie award

The fast-acting drug offers a new way to treat depression and fathom its origins. Recent approval of a nasal spray promises to expand access, but much remains unknown about long-term use and the potential for abuse.

Science Magazine

Reading an anguished brain

Can brain scans help personalize treatment for people who are depressed or suicidal?

Knowable Magazine

The Iron Ocean

Syndicated by Smithsonian

Through dust, not rust, the metal plays a complex, controversial role in Earth’s climate.